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Development of a Chagas Disease Antigen and Epitope Atlas using massively parallel serological assays

How we used peptide arrays to discover new antigens and epitopes and map the presence of antibodies in patients

2022 SAP A drug-target prioritization strategy using the TDR Targets database leads to novel trypanocidal compounds with known active functional groups

Only got two mins? The drug repurposing approach to drug discovery for neglected diseases has shown to be effective to find potential …


The serological antibody repertoire in Chagas Disease

Towards a comprehensive description of the specificities of individual antibody repertoires in Chagas Disease

TDR Targets: driving drug discovery for human pathogens through intensive chemogenomic data integration

Mind the gap: Bridging the knowledge rift between model organisms and pathogens causing neglected diseases

From yeast to tryps: repurposing strategies through conserved druggable modules

Computational repositioning of bioactive compounds from large chemogenomic screens: identification of conserved druggable modules …


Discovery and fine epitope mapping of novel serology-based markers for diagnosis of Congenital Chagas Disease using high-density peptide chips

How we use this technology to discover new antigens and epitopes in matched mother-newborn samples

TDR Targets: integrated chemogenomic mining of pathogen genomes for drug discovery

A recap on updates & updagrades for TDR Targets chemogenomics resource to aid on drug discovery, repurposing and develeopment for …