Immunomics of Infectious Diseases

Colorized image of a high-density peptide microarray

Unraveling the antibody diversity in Chagas Disease using antigen microarrays.

During an infection, the immune system produces antibodies against pathogens. With time, the immune repertoires of infected individuals become specific to the history of infections and thus represent a rich source of diagnostic markers. We are using high-density peptide arrays to examine the human antibody repertoires developed by Chagas Disease patients. The aim is to uncover the diversity of recognized antigens and build an atlas of antigens and epitopes for Chagas Disease.

Alejandro Ricci
PhD Student

PhD Fellow. Processing big data to draw biological conclusions.

Leonel Bracco
PhD Student

PhD Fellow and teaching assistant.

Santiago J Carmona
Former Lab Member (2007 – 2015)

Present address: Ludwig Center for Cancer Research, University of Lausanne

Fernán Agüero
Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor

Using and generating data to guide discovery of new drugs and diagnostics.