The Trypanosomatics Laboratory

Working on data integration to discover new drugs and diagnostics for human pathogens.


Our laboratory is interested in the study of human pathogens, particularly trypanosomes and also others that cause so-called Neglected Tropical Diseases.

We develop computational tools and produce (and re-use) large data sets to formulate and guide our research hypotheses in the quest for new drugs and diagnostics. Smart and intensive data integration, data mining, and high-throughput assays and experiments are at the core of our research activities.

In particular, we have a special interest in the study of trypanosomes such as Trypanosoma cruzi (causative of Chagas disease).

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Beca ANPCyT 2020

Búsqueda de candidata/o a Beca Doctoral

Orientada a profesionales en biotecnólogía, biólogía, bioquímica, o carreras relacionadas. …

Alanine Scan for known Chagas antigens, November 2019 update

Chagas Disease is a major health problem for which no vaccine for public health interventions are yet available. Diagnosis is essential …

Serodiscordance and borderline serology, November 2019 update

Diagnosis of chronic Chagas Disease is currently based on serological techniques. Although available diagnostic tests give satisfactory …

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The serological antibody repertoire in Chagas Disease

Towards a comprehensive description of the specificities of individual antibody repertoires in Chagas Disease

From yeast to tryps: repurposing strategies through conserved druggable modules

Computational repositioning of bioactive compounds from large chemogenomic screens: identification of conserved druggable modules …

TDR Targets: driving drug discovery for human pathogens through intensive chemogenomic data integration

Mind the gap: Bridging the knowledge rift between model organisms and pathogens causing neglected diseases

Discovery and fine epitope mapping of novel serology-based markers for diagnosis of Congenital Chagas Disease using high-density peptide chips

How we use this technology to discover new antigens and epitopes in matched mother-newborn samples

TDR Targets: integrated chemogenomic mining of pathogen genomes for drug discovery

A recap on updates & updagrades for TDR Targets chemogenomics resource to aid on drug discovery, repurposing and develeopment for …



High-throughput screening of trypanocidal agents

Identification and repurposing of bioactive compounds for Chagas disease: combining chemogenomics with high-throughput phenotypic …


Data integration for target prioritization and drug discovery or repurposing

Genetic Diversity

A map of genetic variation for Trypanosoma cruzi and its use on strain typing applications


Data integration for target prioritization and drug discovery or repurposing

Congenital Chagas disease diagnosis

Antigens discovery for congenital Chagas disease, mapping and validation of epitopes for newborns serological diagnosis kit.

Immunomics of Infectious Diseases

High-throuput screening and data integration for diagnostics tool development

Yeast-to-Tryp Drug Repurposing

Exploiting conserved druggable modules between yeasts and trypanosomes for drug repurposing

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Screening and Identification of Metacaspase Inhibitors: Evaluation of Inhibition Mechanism and Trypanocidal Activity

A common strategy to identify new antiparasitic agents is the targeting of proteases, due to their essential contributions to parasite …

Target-based screening of the Chagas box: setting up enzymatic assays to discover specific inhibitors across bioactive compounds.

Chagas disease is a neglected tropical illness caused by the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. The disease is endemic in Latin …

This is Us

The people behind the tryps



Fernán Agüero

Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor

Diagnostics, Drug Discovery, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Neglected Diseases, Trypanosomes


Emir Salas Sarduy

Associate Investigator

Chemogenomics, Biochemistry, High-Throughput Screenings

Grad Students


Alejandro Ricci

PhD Student

Chagas Disease, Bioinformatics, Neural Networks


Leonel Bracco

PhD Student

Diagnostics, Bioinformatics, Neglected Diseases, Congenital Chagas, Trypanosomes


Lionel Urán Landaburu

PhD Student

Chemogenomics, Neglected diseases, Drug Discovery


Mercedes Didier Garnham

PhD Student

Chemogenomics, Neglected Diseases, Drug Discovery

Past Lab Members


Alejandro A Ackermann

Former Lab Member (2005 – 2012)


Leonardo G Panunzi

Former Lab Member (2007 – 2014)


María Paula Magariños

Former Lab Member (2009 – 2014)


Raúl O Cosentino

Former Lab Member (2007 – 2014)


Santiago J Carmona

Former Lab Member (2007 – 2015)




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