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The volume of biological, chemical and functional data deposited in the public domain is growing rapidly, thanks to next generation sequencing, and highly-automated screening technologies. However, there is still a large data imbalance between model, well-funded organisms and pathogens causing neglected diseases (NDs). We developed a chemogenomics resource, (TDR Targets,, that aims to organize and integrate heterogeneous large datasets with a focus on drug discovery for human pathogens. The database also hosts chemical and genomic data from other organisms to leverage data for comparative and inference-based queries. One of the major impacts of TDR Targets is to facilitate target and chemical prioritizations by allowing users to formulate complex queries across diverse query spaces.

Lionel Urán Landaburu
PhD Student

PhD Fellow, teacher and science divulgation enthusiast.

María Paula Magariños
Former Lab Member (2009 – 2014)

Present address: ChEMBL Group (EMBL-EBI)

Fernán Agüero
Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor

Using and generating data to guide discovery of new drugs and diagnostics.